silly designs
  As I've started to update my website, I realized that it lacked a lot of illustrations so I've been doing some trial and error on Adobe Illustrator. I'm still a n00b at design, but I love what this application can do and it has become a very productive pass time instead of watching Netflix 24/7 on the weekends. Please feel free to critique (contact information on front page)!

  These three illustrations shown below was created for a website I made my boyfriend. Because we were long distance and he was still in school, I created a website that automatically generates certain quotes relevant to how he was feeling. Was he feeling unmotivated, stressed, or was he missing me? I couldn't be there for him physically so this was my way of feeling like I was there for him through his tough times.
  You have probably seen these two illustrations from my blog tab! I love to travel and I love to cook/bake, so I created these in hopes of expanding the blogging part of my website in the future. Also, if you can't tell I love donuts!
  In college, I was in a fraternity and pledged for the Rho Class. Because there were three gals that I became the best of friends with, we decided to call ourselves tri-rho.